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Mapping the evolution
(and elephants)
of the branch ecosystem


The Evolution of The Branch Ecosystem

Hybrid Branches that move the banking experience into the public network. (e.g. UK Post Offices)

High street fashion meets high street tech as Financial Institutions evolve the Branch Ecosystem.

Digital first, community second as Neobanks join forces with traditional FIs for a modern banking solution.

Image by Paweł Czerwiński

The Elephants Inside The Evolution

Customer journeys shifting in real time.


Tech & Innovation are rallying to reduce costs, increase profitability, but at what expense?


All change for staff, procedures and processes is not for the faint of heart.

Modern White Building

Mapping The
Way Forward

Case studies and use cases by those already in the thick of it. 

Interviews and lessons learned with subject matter experts pioneering the way forward.

Shared best practices that elevates

the industry.

Abstract Visual Art

Documenting The Learnings and Sharing The Methodologies

Paper Abstract

Insights, Temperature Checks
& The Tech Disruption


Contributed by Antuar, C.T.H.I.S. is a comprehensive approach to better decision making that utilises key functions and areas of expertise, across your Branch Innovation project. #ElephantinBranch is using this framework to identify subject matter experts to join us on the podcast and better inform our 360 degree view on the case for, and against, branch innovation.

CTHIS FIRE perspectives for MiniConf_edited.jpg


When change is the only constant, let Innovation be its echo

We are ready for a candid conversation that invites a 360-degree view about the future of the branch as we collectively map out a way forward with banks, credit unions, consultants, technology firms, hardware vendors, interior design firms, and those that advise on staff, culture and change management.

Who is #ElephantInBranch for?

Anyone who is working with, or for, the Branch Ecosystem's initiative, asking questions about innovation, mobile, cloud, trends, profitability, and long term sustainability. 

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